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Our Origin Story

ABP News Network Pvt.Ltd (ANN) is a News Media company with its presence in the Television and Digital Media in multiple Indian Languages, with a prominent footprint in India and abroad. ANN’s core purpose is to create an Informed and Happy Society. ANN is a group company of ABP which was incorporated almost 90 years ago and continues to be one of the largest Indian Media Conglomerates.

The television entity ANN was incorporated in 2003. Since then, ANN has pioneered the way news is disseminated in India in Indian languages. In 2012, ANN became a fully owned Indian News Broadcast Media Company and currently has 4 channels - ABP News (Hindi), ABP Majha (Leading & first 24 hrs Marathi News Channel), ABP Ananda (Leading & first 24 hrs Bangla News Channel) and ABP Asmita (Leading Gujarati Channel). ANN also has a considerable presence on digital platforms with news websites in Hindi, Marathi, Bangla, Gujarati, Punjabi, besides platforms about Cricket & Bollywood.

What Drives Us

Since the inception of the channel in 2005, it has been our vision to update our viewers with the latest news before anyone else and in it's truest form without any colour or bias. We are and we want to remain the No.1 News channel in Bengali, not only in terms of numbers and ratings but also in terms of perception amongst our viewers. Every news that we broadcast is not only fire-checked for facts but are also analysed form a healthy neutral point of view to give it the completeness that we are revered for. This has always been our goal and shall remain to be always

Our Core Purpose

To create a journalistic impact that acts as the foundation of an Informed and Happy Society, by providing unbiased, unaltered information that makes them capable of forming opinions and act on them.These are the pillars that not only define us and the way we do things, but also shape our future-forward business processes.

Our Core Values

To create an Informed and Happy Society.


Just as much importance as we lay on the quality of our outputs, we lay on our people enjoying their work. We create opportunities when our people can find excitement, happiness and fulfillment in the work they do.


For continuous improvement, innovation is key. As we innovate, we evolve, we change, and we do better than we did yesterday.

Risk Taking

As our decisions become risky, they also become thrilling and and the outcome, satisfactory. We always encourage pursuing the untrodden path in the hope of discovering something new.


In our line of work, ethical reporting and business operations are secondary to nothing. We hence make sure that the content we deliver is ethically sourced and unbiasedly delivered, always.