What Keeps Us Ahead

ABP News Network (ANN) is an Indian media powerhouse that aims to create an aware, educated and happy society, through its credible, unbiased approach towards journalism and news broadcasting. Credited with being fast-paced and in-depth, ANN is the national leader in news and information delivery.

Using the latest technology in news broadcasting, our reporters and producers create and update stories on the move, enabling us to provide a live news stream to our viewers. We stand a league apart with the help of the cutting-edge technology used to create quality content that’s augmented with real time, 3D graphics.

Our digital studios are integrated with Live broadcast TVs, giving us an edge in delivering personalized news via our digital networks. Our in-house, custom CMS solution, which is capable of functioning independent of a server, makes our digital properties highly scalable and swift. With these features working in tandem, we are able to take a strong stand as the nation’s leading news network.


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In times like these, the internet has become the go-to source of information for millions. Keeping in mind the current trends and needs of our viewers, our digital network is built on the principles of neoteric media broadcasting that ensures a complete 360 degree coverage.

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Stay Updated With One Tap

With over 15 million downloads and winner of multiple industry awards, the ABP LIVE News is available for download on Android, iOS, Windows and Fire TV. Stay tuned and stay informed!

Stay Updated With One Tap

With over 5 million downloads and winner of News Television Award (2016) for the Best News App, the ABP LIVE News is available for download on Android, iOS, WIndows and Fire TV. Stay tuned and stay informed!

The Team Behind Our Voice

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Avinash Pandey

Chief Executive Officer

Avinash has been with the group since 2005, guiding the growth of advertising revenue and playing a key role in the expansion of the network's reach over the past decade. As CEO of ABP News Network, he steered our transformation from Star News to ABP news in 2012, along with the rebranding and repositioning in 2017. ABP News Network read more...

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Satyakki Bhattacharjee

Chief People Officer

Satyakki Bhattacharjee joined ABP News Network (Erstwhile Media Content & Communication Services Pvt. Ltd.) in 2007 bringing in Core People Processes and Results through Strategic Human Resource Interventions for over a decade. He is a seasoned expert in Organizational Development, Change Management, Business Process Re-engineering and Whole System Transformation. He has rich Corporate Leadership Experience of 25 years across industries such as Manufacturing, Services, Software, Biotech, ITES and now Media & Entertainment Industry. Currently, he also Heads the Legal and Regulatory Affairs at ABP News Network.

Satyakki is well travelled academically and professionally with a wide range of credentials. Besides being a Post Graduate in Management, he is a Certified Practitioner in the area of Human Processes by Indian Society of Applied Behavioral Sciences; he is also a Certified Practitioner in Organizational Diagnosis from NTL, USA; He is an Accredited McClelland Achievement Orientation Coach, Hey Competency Assessor, Hermann Brain Dominance Accessor and a Certified Practitioner in Organizational Development and Change Management from the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, London.

He is a serious-amateur Still Photographer and Heavy Biker.

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Subrata Dutta

Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Subrata Dutta has been with the organization since 2005. He played an important role for migrating the channel from Mumbai to Delhi in 2006. He also has worked for a Sports channel, where he set up state of the art Sports production facility in Mumbai. Mr.Dutta has rich experience of over 25 years in Media organizations like ABP News Network, TV Today Network, Star Sports to name a few. He is an engineer by profession. In 2018, he attended ‘The Innovative Technology Leader’ a premium program for CIOs from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

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Pushan Chakravarty

Chief Financial Officer

Pushan currently heads the Finance and Purchase functions at ANN.
Pushan is a Fellow Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and an alumnus of St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata. He worked with Tata Motors Ltd. And Organon India Ltd. before moving on to ABP Pvt. Ltd. Having spent more than 11 years with ABP Group and ANN, he held the ranks of Management Accountant and then, of the Chief Internal Auditor of the Group at ABP.